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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 42 - Where is the Amazon Headquarter Going?

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Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan recap the evening's community meeting for the prospective Belmont arena projects of the Islanders and NYCFC. They also lament the Islanders' place in the impenetrable Metropolitan Division and the tough home stretch the team has ahead of them. Finally, they give Christmas presents to the Islanders and Mike braces for Mike Francesa's final week on WFAN.

Dan was using some new software to record this week so please forgive the weird echo-y quality to his voice. Mike sound great, though.


  • Here’s Mike from All About the Jersey on the awful friggin’ Metro Division.
  • Here’s Newsday’s story on the Belmont meeting.
  • After we recorded, Jim Baumbach tweeted actual discernable renderings of the final proposals:

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