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Islanders Gameday News: Circuit breakers, Windbreakers and Train Takers

Hockey news and notes for Islanders fans.

NHL: New York Islanders at Tampa Bay Lightning
Holy jumpin’
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s win in Tampa was surprising and exhilarating. But there’s no time for the Islanders to soak it in. They’re in Raleigh this evening for their second game against the Hurricanes this week. They were in Buffalo last night, where they beat the Sabres 3-1.

FIG picks go here. Game time is 5 pm.

Islanders links

Around the NHL

  • Last night’s NHL scores. That smell coming from up north are just the Canadiens. Or maybe Leafs fan farts.
  • Sportsnet’s Headlines video covers a lot of ground - Houston, Calgary, Lamoriello, Habs.
  • The Commish is, as always, cagey about relocation talk. []
  • Things are not going well for the Oilers right now. []
  • The artist and stories behind those 100 Greatest Player portraits. []
  • Congrats to... this guy, who was the 10 millionth customer through the doors at Barclays Center. [Nets]
  • The Flames took the train from Philly to Washington and went all out, wearing old time suits and hats. []
  • This game show host appeared at an Ottawa Senators game to ask hockey questions to fans in attendance. Remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question. []

On last night’s SNL, Chance the Rapper played a Knicks reporter forced to cover the Rangers. It’s funny. Let’s get him to host next year’s NHL Awards Show.