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Foot Fall: Beauvillier blocks two shots off same foot, leaves game


NHL: New York Islanders at Dallas Stars
Walk it... off?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Absolutely nothing went right for the Islanders in Friday night’s 5-0 embarrassment in Dallas, but things took a grisly turn when forward Anthony Beauvillier left the game after blocking two shots off the same foot on the same penalty kill.

With Scott Mayfield’s penalty for tripping winding down, Beauvillier blocked a Jason Spezza slapshot from the point off the side of his right foot. Beauvillier went down to one knee and crawled around on the ice for a while. When the puck came back around the the point again, Beauvillier was back on his two skates - just in time to take a Dan Hamhuis slapper off the same foot (or possibly ankle).

You have been warned. Butch’s little chuckle there is just cruel, man.

After that second shot, Beauvillier went down in a heap, the ref stopped the game, and Beauvillier was helped off the ice by trainer Damien Hess and teammate Alan Quine. They went down the tunnel and Butch Goring later said he could see Beauvillier walking around down there, but his night was over. Of course, you could argue that no Islander’s night actually ever started, which is pretty much what Doug Weight said afterwards.

The arguments about whether the 20-year-old was tough or stupid to block a shot with seven minutes left in a 5-0 game began as soon as the ref blew his whistle. Let’s all just agree to hope that Beauvillier’s okay and that no major damage was done. He has two goals and two assists in 13 games this season.

The Islanders’ next game is Saturday night in St. Louis and they have no extra forwards at the moment.

(but seriously, dude. appreciate the effort but you maybe didn’t need to do that right then)