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Isles Videocast: Season Preview Edition

Watch an archive of Garik's Season Preview Isles Videocast from Oct. 5.

This Thursday at my Youtube page, I'll be livestreaming another Video-cast, previewing the Islanders season to come just one day before opening night.

What is a video-cast you ask?  Well it's like a podcast, except we'll be livestreaming to a video site (for this first one, we'll be using Youtube Video) so that we can present things on screen - stats, for instance.  We'll be a little limited in what we can show due to copyright laws (I'd love to be able to show clips of Various Isles Players from last year for instance, but I'm pretty sure that'd get my channel taken down), but the format should allow us to show the numbers, rather than simply talk about them.

If you have any questions in advance you can think of, please post them in the comments to this post.

Otherwise, I'll see all of you at the livestream!

EDIT: Archived stream now embedded into this post!