DEAR KHANNY... need advice? don't task me... just ask me

i'm genetically engineered to be smarter, stronger, i smell better and since i live i the future i can steer you in the right direction

are you having marriage trouble? feeling angst in your tumultuous world? doubts about the islanders? seek me for help.

need ideas on how to overthrow your government? destroy your arrogant nemesis of a space captain? maybe you want to overpower a sexy young thing into following you for all eternity on a dead planet but just don't know how?


my skin is like rich Corinthian leather

or maybe you just don't know what to have for dinner tonight...


don't eat that pizza it's too many calories

how to survive the pressures of the hockey season?


a glass of Romulan ale doesn't hurt

how do you deal with mistakenly thinking you are smarter than everyone else on the team?


breathe... focus... relax... it's just a game

so if you need any advice in any area then this is the place to seek it

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