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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 37 - I’m a Staunch Preseason Avoider

Mike and Dan are back for a new season of Islanders hockey, starting with some salient and silly questions.

Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan are BACK! with another season of Islanders-fueled paranoia and emotional instability. But, as the team wraps up a 6-0-2 preseason, the hosts find themselves in positive moods and asking some speculative (and occasionally silly) questions about how they think the real season will play out. Will anyone get major award consideration? Which player will take #IslesTwitter by storm? And what's the deal with the slogan "All for Islanders?"

I just realized that I’m a dumbass. Ryan Ellis is the injured Predator, not Roman Josi, who was named captain this offseason. I still like ‘em to come out of the West again, though.

I also forgot to mention that our friend Kevin Schultz was also at the Barclays Center preseason game. If you haven’t seen his pictures from that game yet, what the hell are you waiting for?

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