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Islanders News: You Gionta be kidding me; Weight talking; Hank & Shoulders

Hey at least the puns are gonna be good for a little while.

No. You pull RT to shoot. Yeah, it's weird.
No. You pull RT to shoot. Yeah, it's weird.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


Islanders stuff


  • The Blues will have six (6) PTOs in camp including Eric Nystrom. [Blues]
  • John Tortorella overcoaching players? Nah. He'd never do anything like that... [WCH2016]
  • If you're an American and having trouble rooting for Team USA at the World Cup, you're not alone. [WIIM]
  • A rundown of the recent RIT Hockey Analytics Conference for those who couldn't make it. [HockeyBuzz]
  • The Coyotes are playing the salary cap smartly right now. Enjoy these times, Arizona fans. [FFH]
  • Third String Goalie goes through the history of high uniform numbers. Blame Phil Esposito.
  • NHL 17 is rife with (totally fake) bugs and Bonk's Mullet painstakingly points them all out.
  • Sorry, Henrik. Your hair is too old for Head & Shoulders. []