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Islanders News: But now it feels so strange out of the atmospheres

They just don't write 'em like that anymore.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Have you heard the latest? Oh, you were asleep? You didn't expect EARTH-SHATTERING ISLANDERS RELOCATION NEWS to drop at 7 am on a Saturday morning?

That's alright. It didn't. But the New York Post reported that "[Nassau] county officials are in talks with the team's current landlord about a move back to the Nassau Coliseum."

What about, you know, the actual team? Did they say anything? Um...

The team is not a part of the talks.

Oh. Okay.

Look, I'm beyond tired of this topic and have exhausted a lot of words on the earlier reports of the Islanders looking to make a break from Barclays Center. I hoped for all of this garbage to come to an end one day. Apparently, I was sorely mistaken. Shame on me.

Fortunately, we have Robert Brodsky at Newsday to put in very concise, eloquent terms exactly how much desperate, fetid horseshit is being shoveled here and by whom. See his timeline for more.

If you want to get a look inside the new and still under construction Nassau Coliseum, Billboard has a whole story on it. I don't see any pigs flying around the site or in the concept art, so don't expect the Islanders to move back there any time soon.

Meanwhile, while this is all apparently going on, the team is holding focus groups to ask fans their opinions on the arena, amenities, what they liked and what they didn't. Point Blank has a breakdown from a person who was there.

Frankly, a few of the topics seem a little nitpicky. Yes, Virginia, some venues charge more than $15 for tickets. And whenever 10-12,000 people get together and all get up at the same time for the same 15-minute break, lines for hot dogs might get lengthy. But the point is the team is listening.

My sources (aka the same stories you've read) tell me that the new owners are exploring every avenue by which they can improve the gameday experience. That's a good thing. The same sources also say that the team needs to ensure they make money or else Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin's gameday experience will be flushing their own funds down a very large toilet.

For now, the money is at Barclays Center. When that changes, we'll know.

Everybody got all that? Good. Have a nice weekend.

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This one's for you, Nassau: