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Zeitgeist: NHL Las Vegas team narrows name list down to 30-40 finalists

A leaked email unveils the favored choices, including Desert Knights, Sand Knights, Knight Riders, Knight Hawks, Eagle Hawks, Ethan Hawks, Desert Knight Hawk Eagles and three dozen other finalists.

These are the names, Bill.

The NHL’s Las Vegas expansion team’s interminable quest for a name could soon end, with team brass tightening its list of potential monikers down to forty or so final choices, according to a leaked email directly from the team.

Over the last few months, some of the names have already leaked via website domains registered to Black Knight IP Holding, the company owned by team founder Bill Foley. But the email reveals that the many leaks represent only a small portion of the finalized list.

Addressed to Foley and general manager George McPhee, and CCing NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and others, the new email was obtained and passed on to Lighthouse Hockey by a source close to the team that wishes to remain anonymous. Certain recipients have been redacted.

“This name announcement has dragged on longer than Carrot Top’s career,” the source said. “But the light at the end of the tunnel is near. Two more months, maybe three, tops. Then they said I can go back to my family.”

The source also said that by Christmas, the team expects to be down to 20 or so runners-up, although they could potentially add a few more choices between now and then.

The full email with the list of final name choices is embedded below. Any one of these could be the name of the NHL’s 31st franchise. Or it might not. Check back again in a few days.


This is obviously a totally fake forgery although “Silver Surfers” would be amazing. Thanks to Keith for Knight Riders.