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Islanders News: In loving memory of Al Arbour

I'm gonna wax romantic about Arbour again today, so just deal.

Three isn't too many when the guy delivered four and then some.
Three isn't too many when the guy delivered four and then some.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you are all Arboured out, this isn’t the link roundup for you. On the other hand, if you’re all Arboured out, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Islanders Reads

  • I had to write why the guy was truly something much more than a pro sports coach. [LHH]
  • Brian Compton’s recap of yesterday’s Al Arbour memorial was fantastic. [NHL]
  • The official site has more, plus photos. [Isles]
  • Newsday with story -- the practice rink is now Al Arbour Rink -- and photos.
  • A little more here. [Inside Hockey]
  • The Post took a "John Ledecky gets it" angle. [Post]
  • Remember that if you are moved by Arbour and the conditions that took him too soon, you can donate to the Center for Dementia Research by buying any of our t-shirts.
  • Meanwhile, upgrades at Barclays are happening, says Ledecky. [Newsday]
  • And here's Jaroslav Halak in his Team Euro career. [Isles Twitter (but not #IslesTwitter)]
  • NHL prospects talk about what they expect, with a brief came from Mathew Barzal. [National Post]

Beyond Arbour

Corey Pronman has his annual ranking of teams' prospect pipelines (look for top 100 prospects and stuff later), and the Isles are ranked seventh. [E$PN In$isder, SNY]

The Vegas expansion team name remains a mystery, but I'm sure if it's Sand Knights there will be Star Wars-themed nights just waiting to happen. [Puck Daddy | NHL]

Why your team sucks, Canucks edition. [PPP]

More on the Ice Guardians film project. [THN]

John "the other" Madden will coach the Blue Jackets' Monsters affiliate. Which means he won't get a PTO from the Isles, I guess. [Blue Jackets]

Why won't the NHL close the cap storage loophole the Coyotes keep using, man? (Hint: Probably because the system was set up that way for a reason.) [Puck Daddy]