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Islanders News: Ho-Sang of Steel, Carp Lad Golf

Well the earth died screaming, while I lay dreaming...

"Get yer arse to Mars. Get yer-get yer arse to Mars."
"Get yer arse to Mars. Get yer-get yer arse to Mars."
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Sunday, Sunday, be there, be there.

Islanders Reads

  • Josh Ho-Sang is wide awake and, as usual, introspective about what it will take to be an NHLer. Good stuff, and good highlights from Dan. [Sportsnet | LHH | on Ho-Sang learning from Connor McDavid]
  • Good Carp lad Calvin de Haan golfs it up for a cause. [Ottawa Sun]
  • An interview with Eric Hornick, who has been the Isles broadcast statistician since the moment my dad said, "No really, check out this team." [Knight of Cups]
  • Interesting retrospective on 10 years of the Niagara IceDogs (and their predecessor), both of whom featured current Islanders. [PPP]

Not Isles

  • The "Weird" series at Puck Daddy continues with Dangle doing the Leafs. [Puck Daddy]
  • No but for real, Vlaidimir Sobotka is headed back to the NHL with the Blues. Pinkie swear. [STLtoday]
  • Drake: This is the most awkward celebrity-in-an-NHL-jersey photo I've seen in quite some time. [NHL]
  • I just assumed this was a daily occurrence in Canada but maybe not? Thief in goalie gear at beer store. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Stars have reasons for optimism, reasons for concern. [NHL]