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Islanders News: Ledecky The Greater, AHL schedule, World Cup on horizon

And she left in the fall, that's her picture on the wall, she always had that little drop of poison...

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Trust me, I've made it abundantly clear to Uncle John that one championship isn't enough.
Trust me, I've made it abundantly clear to Uncle John that one championship isn't enough.
Harry How/Getty Images

I'm going to put these things right here.

Over Here

  • John Ledecky "The Lesser" was interviewed on NHL Network about efforts to improve the fan experience at Barclays Center, and finding an opportunity to bring his niece Katie, i.e. Ledecky The Greater, to the arena sometime to amp up the fans after her own dynasty-level success at the Olympics. [LHH]
  • The World Cup is coming soon. As you know, Team Europe will be a preview of the Islanders' goalie competition -- assuming they get playing time ahead of Frederik Andersen, and assuming they are in actual competition. [Today's Slap Shot]
  • The AHL schedule is out. Here's the Sound Tigers' version, including an Oct. 15 opener. [CT Post | BST]

Over There

  • And here's the practice schedule for the World Cup. Lots of Pittsburgh, D.C., Columbus, Quebec in there. [NHL]
  • As promised, Carey Price says he's totally ready to go for the tournament. [Puck Daddy]
  • Roberto Luongo "seems to be enjoying a late-career renaissance period that we have really only seen from a handful of players." [TSN]
  • From Bickell to Wisniewski, the professional tryout contracts are starting to pile up. [General Fanager]
  • One of them, Brandon Prust, states his goal as "not to start in the AHL," but it's the headline here that you really have to love. [PPP]
  • The Habs once made Prust a rich man, now they've made Alexander Radulov a rich(er) man, and he says he's mature and all that. [Puck Daddy | TSN]
  • It's okay to question the Leafs' glitzy new management, okay? In fact, this thought piece runs down how even the conventionally considered greatest management teams in the sport have made their share of mistakes. [Leafs Nation]
  • Speaking of which, this older Mirtle piece from the start of free agency goes into the Leafs brass decisions (and Matt Martin). [Globe and Mail]
  • Finally, the Leafs completed their southern California crease transplant and goalie injections with the signing of Jhonas Enroth. [PPP]