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Islanders News: Vesey goes Snobs; Tavares on WC; Weird History; Seinfeld goalie pads

It's a little... hot under these lights, eh, Seinfeld?

Gotta support the team.
Gotta support the team.
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Happy Saturday.

Islanders links

  • Former Coyotes GM Don Maloney thinks some of the moves former Islanders GM Don Maloney made were not so good. [LHH]
  • John Tavares talks World Cup and his slightly-less-insane Summer training schedule. He also reiterates (again) his desire to stick with the Islanders, which never gets old. [ESPN]
  • Is it me, or has Tavares done more interviews since the new owners took over than he did all last offseason? Hm.
  • Puck Daddy's Summer series about weird events in NHL team histories finally hits the Islanders and writer Scott Charles does a good job paring down the picks from an enormous list of choices. I might have also included the time the Islanders lost a draft pick to the Flames because of Dr. J [GHL] or the franchise being founded out of spite.
  • The Sound Tigers teased an announcement, then just released their preseason schedule, disappointing anyone waiting for a move to Nassau, a name change, a big hiring, etc. to happen. There's still time to step away from the computer before the season, folks.
  • Forward Josh Holmstrom will be returning to Bridgeport this season. [BST]
  • Young grinder Lane Cormier will attend Islanders rookie camp in September on the recommendation of one Jon Sim. [NG News]

Other Stuff

  • #VeseyWatch is over and it ended in the most predictable way possible (at least, one of them). He signed with the Rangers, who offered him playing time and other college dudes to be around. [BSB | CBS | Judge Smails and Spaulding approve of his choice.]
  • The Flames gave Sean Monahan the longterm deal we expected them to. Still on the docket, Johnny Gaudreau. [SBN]
  • No, you didn't miss anything: Jiri Hudler is still without a job. [EOTP]
  • The OHL is changing its rules on fighting and blindside hits. [PPP]
  • Roberto Luongo is aging very well, like a fine Italian wine. []
  • Five for Howling scores a nice interview with Coyotes COO Ari Segal, and they discuss the ongoing challenge of building a fanbase in the desert.
  • The Stars need a rival. A real one. Remember when it was the Oilers because of all those playoff series? That was fun and weird. [DBD]
  • We may soon see the end of college hockey programs in Alaska, which would be very sad. [Grand Forks Herald]
  • Adam Henrique suggests Devils goalie Keith Kinkaid wear some Seinfeld inspired pads for next season. Devils fan David Puddy approves. [SBN]