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Islanders News: Vesey France, er Friday across the (northeastern) NHL

Maybe we hear about that guy who might be alright as an NHLer, and maybe not.

Justice for Marcinko, kind of.
Justice for Marcinko, kind of.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

First, thanks to everyone who reached out to us to help with coverage, analysis, opinion and more for the upcoming season at Lighthouse Hockey.

Several responded, and we are still sorting through who offers us the best chance at playing time and an opportunity to win while playing close to our Boston-area home.

Wait...I may have crossed free agent talking points there. What I mean to say is, we have several contributors lined up who will provide new perspectives here and help continue feeding all you ruthless savages' insatiable appetite for discussion of the team we all live for hate love hate love to hate follow despite our doctors' warnings about its impact on our health.

Anyway, you'll meet some new additions soon. For now, happy Friday.

Islanders-ish Reads

  • ERMIGOD, maybe the Vesey decision comes today. If not today, this weekend. Totally. [ESPN]
  • Oh, are you interested in Vesey, Detroit? Sorry, you can't play, as your seduction of Frans shall bring about a thousand-year plague on your godforsaken hellhole of a city. [CBS NY] (Note: I may have editorialized that description slightly)
  • Damir Ryspayev has received a lifetime ban from the KHL after that preseason brawl where he sucker-punched and concussed ex-Isle Tomas Marcinko. [Yahoo]

Neither Here But Perhaps There

  • The Avalanche are about to begin interviewing coaching candidates, since Patrick Roy decided to leave them late in the summer. [Denver Post] Here are 10 possibilities. [NHL]
  • Officially now, Murray Craven has been named senior VP for the Vegas ____. [Sportsnet]
  • Longtime Devils scout David Conte has also joined the Vegas ____ [LV Review Journal]
  • Wait, you can do that?! The Predators will upgrade their areener in Nashville. [Nashville Post]
  • Eight burn(side)ing questions facing World Cup teams. [ESPN]
  • No respect for the Czechs and Islanders goalies on "Team Europe," man. [NHL]