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Islanders News: Vesey Wars; Barzal talks; Jersey Ads for World Cup


Really, Thor?
Really, Thor?
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Pro Tip: Don't talk about the weather.

Islanders reading

  • The Islanders are talking to Jimmy Vesey! Uh, who is he again? [LHH]
  • Vesey Mania has even extended to the celebrity world, where famous people stump for the Rangers, including that turncoat Noah Syndergaard []. The hysteria has caused a war to break out between Entourage stars on behalf of their favorite teams [].
  • Back on Planet Earth, Point Blank talks to Mathew Barzal about his summer and what he hopes will be his rookie year in the NHL this season.
  • Yesterday, movie director Arthur Hiller passed away at 92. He helmed a few excellent films in his long career including Love Story, Silver Streak and The In-Laws. The last movie he directed, a hockey comedy called Pucked starring Jon Bon Jovi, is anything but excellent. Trust me. Watch one of the other ones this weekend. RIP.
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Scattered Storms

  • Old man Matt Cullen is back in Pittsburgh for one more run at the Cup. [Pensburgh]
  • The Rangers signed NCAA free agent John Gilmour, formerly of the Flames (not Pink Floyd). [BSB]
  • And new Ranger Nathan Gerbe talks about playing in the NHL as a little guy. [Players Trib]
  • Calgary still hasn't resigned RFA Johnny Gaudreau, but he's going to the World Cup of Hockey anyway. [Sportsnet]
  • The Flames did hire former Coyotes (and yes, Islanders) GM Don Maloney as a pro scout. [M&G]
  • Down Goes Brown remembers when being a restricted free agent meant teams did some crazy shit with them. Includes a brief appearance by a surprising Islander. [The Hockey News]
  • Shocking: Goalies aren't in a rush to change their equipment. [Sportsnet]
  • The World Cup jerseys will have ads for NHL partner SAP, and we're all supposed to be mad. [Puck Daddy]
  • The jerseys will also have some future-tastic tracking tech that the NHL probably won't use the way any of us want them to. []
  • Meanwhile, venerable hockey stuff maker Bauer faces fraud charges. Hope JOFA isn't a suspect, too. []