Why do we continue this blog as 'LightHouseHockey'?

When Charles Wang presented the idea of The Lighthouse project, a complete mega sports/housing/entertainment project in/around the NVMC area, I think the majority of us were quite enthusiastic. Being in Phoenix, I have seen what that kind of project did for the Phoenix Coyotes...despite the majority of their fans being in Phoenix proper (they actually play in the city of Glendale). However The Lighthouse project never got anywhere near the construction phase and the last remanent of that concept very well may be the title of this blog.

I do not fault anyone, especially Dom and the admins, for holding onto this dream. However the Islanders are now in Brooklyn, where it looks like they will remain for at least the next several years.

Has anyone thought of changing the name of this blog to something more appropriate? LightHouseHockey, while an awesome name and generating awesome search engine results for NY Islanders fans, is just another reminder of the failed plans we once had and why we are playing in Brooklyn now.

Not trying to be a downer on this.

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