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Islanders News: Prince lives, Pulock exposed, Mangano still talks Coliseum

We could totally house them here, I have some folding chairs out back.

One two, princes kneel before you.
One two, princes kneel before you.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Happy toot-toot Tuesday to ya'.

Islanders and Such

  • Catching up with newly signed and awfully cheritable Shane Prince (not of Bel-Air) [Isles]
  • Taking advantage of recent reruns, Ed Mangano is still talking Islanders returning to the Coliseum, where "the same number" of luxury boxes should totally be fine for an NHL team and they can just "add seats." [@MangTwitter]
  • For hopefully the last damned time (and with thorough explanation), yes Ryan Pulock (and pros in similar situations) needs to be protected in the expansion draft. Age does not protect him. [LHH]
  • Brooksie's praise for the Isles new owners lasted about as long as it took for news of arena flirtations in other boroughs to make the news. [Post]

Beyond All Boroughs

  • WE WEREN'T KIDDING. (Detroit's Anthony Mantha is also expansion draft-eligible.) [WIIM]
  • Yesterday we promoted Verge (the cool-new-tech pub of our corporate parent) coverage of the streaming deal with Twitter. Here's why the NHL did the deal. [Yahoo, adopted son of Verizon]
  • George McPhee on the Sin Bin podcast to talk Vegas. [Sin Bin]
  • This is Joel Ward talking how he got there. [Players' Trib]
  • This is Brian Leetch talking about New York and being saved from a hangover by Guy Lafleur. [Players' Trib]
  • Why Lou Lamoriello confuses and scares a Simpsons and Arrested Development (and Leafs) fan. [PPP]
  • We saw signs of this last season, and the Hurricans are starting to look pretty good outside of their goaltending. [TSN]
  • The Brayden Schenn ask ahead of yesterday's arbitration hearing... [BSH] ...was pretty close to the salary on the four-year deal he signed before they got to the hearing. [BSH]
  • With the departure of old leaders, the Blues know they may have temporarily gotten worse but they hope that is quite temporary. [Yahoo]
  • Maybe you saw this chart, which showed the Islanders at the low end in total number of listed scouts, but the Hawks lead the league. (Also: They have Toews, Kane, Hossa, Keith and Seabrook.) [SCH]
  • Mike Cammalleri can score bushels when health. When healthy. [Pucks and Pitchforks]