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Eric Boulton WILL Not Quit You: 2-way deal with Islanders, Sound Tigers

The Nova Scotian signs a two-way deal for his 21st pro season.

Eric celebrates after striking Columbus with a little Boulton.
Eric celebrates after striking Columbus with a little Boulton.
Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

An annual rite around here is to guess (and then share) when another one-year deal for Eric Boulton will be announced and exactly what role with the New York Islanders it will entail.

If you had "July 22, as a Bridgeport and general locker room sage," you may collect your eternal winnings at the front desk. We had an idea this was coming (but was it ever in doubt?) earlier in the summer.

According to his agent and confirmed by Newsday's Arthur Staple (announced here by the team), Boulton has signed a two-way deal, which means you can expect a lot of him in Bridgeport on paper if not in experiential reality.

In his NHL career Boulton has played 654 regular season games, scored 31 goals, and kicked a lot of asses. The number of scratches is unknown, though he appeared in only six games last season. He also had multiple stints on injured reserve, which is the custom of the times. He will be 40 years old come August, but reportedly is in better shape than you have ever been in your life. (Okay okay, maybe not you there, in the back with your Ironman watch.)

Yet he is beloved by virtually everyone who comes in contact with him and lives to tell about it. This is the latest move reflecting that and his desire to keep lacing them up.

Like Matt Carkner the last few seasons -- as back injuries finally forced his early retirement this summer -- Boulton will probably be used as much off ice as on ice around the team, whether in Brooklyn or in Bridgeport. Which, was pretty much the case last season when he appeared in a career-low six NHL games (down from 10 the season before).

Staple reports the deal is for $575,000 at the NHL level and a rather lucrative $150,000 at the AHL level, with a minimum of $200,000 actual take home.

Not bad work!

With his fifth season in the Islanders organization, it will become his second-longest tenure after his six seasons with the Atlanta Thrashers, who later became Winnipeg Jets 2.0. Eric Boulton: historical trivia, fitness guru, ghostbusting badass, and "good in the room."

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