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Islanders News: Queens alive, NBC TV schedule, Knighting Vegas

Ah, what, this again?

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"They've done a lot to improve the ice here."
"They've done a lot to improve the ice here."
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Meet the new arena story, same as the old arena story (but not as the old areener story).

Why Don't You Just GIVE THEM the Queen(s)?

  • Yesterday's breathtaking story was Bloomberg being the first to say "no really, the Islanders owners have discussed building an arena in Queens with the Mets." [LHH rundown | Bloomberg original | Newsday adds sources | Puck Daddy]
  • On Queens, it wouldn't be a Post story if the lead wasn't hyperbole. They also mention Elmont as an option.
  • Also on that topic, Brian Compton of among the guests on WOR 710 Sports Zone. [WOR]
  • IslesBlog podcast discusses the story with the author. [SoundCloud]
  • Meanwhile, the new Nassau Coliseum is going to be totally "best in class," if you're class includes "not big enough for a major sports team" [Amp]
  • NBC released its initial NHL schedule, and the Islanders should be on NBCSN six times or so. [LHH | Isles]
  • Ex-Islander and Oklahoman Matt Donovan hopped the ocean and signed with Frolunda (chees). [Frolunda]

Neither Queens nor NBC

  • Brooks on Chris Kreider's arbitration hearing today. [Post]
  • Black Knights has the odds for Vegas' expansion name; other candidates are bizarre. [THN]
  • The elaborate reason the NHL fired the "independent" arbitrator who lowered the suspension for Dennis Wideman. [Puck Daddly]
  • Radko Gudas: He's not all bad! [BSH]
  • Voting for the best and worst trades in Habs history. [HEOTP]
  • Creating the expansion draft rules was a long, elaborate process. [TSS]
  • Having fun with those Auston Matthews to KHL rumors. [PPP] (He signed his ELC by the way)
  • Hmm, the Canucks are chasing improvement? [Puck Daddy]