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Return of the PAP: Islanders sign Parenteau to one-year deal

Are you fistfu--

I'm back, baby.
I'm back, baby.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Islanders interrupted my weekend barbecue, signing winger and lover of creative profanity P.A. Parenteau to a one-year deal on Saturday.

About 45 minutes after I said Arthur Staple wasn't a fortune teller, one of the moves he projected the Islanders could make was made real. Parenteau returns to the Islanders on a bargain contract worth $1.25 million, bringing some puck possession and offensive punch to an as yet unidentified spot in the line-up.

Parenteau, 33, scored 20 goals for the Leafs last season, tying a career high he set with the Islanders back in 2010-11. He's historically been a positive (or near positive) corsi player, and finished with a 5v5 CF% of 53.7 last season on a Toronto team that was not so good (numbers via

Originally joining the Islanders on another bargain deal in the summer of 2010, Parenteau became a productive member of the early John Tavares era. After two seasons and with unrestricted free agency looming, Garth Snow held on to Parenteau rather than trade him at the deadline. Parenteau then signed with Colorado, who gave him the four-year term Snow wasn't interested in.

His stint in Denver was short, and after two seasons, the Avalanche sent him to Montreal, who then sent him bought him out, which got him to sign with the Leafs. Now that deal is up and in looking for a new home, Parenteau returned to an old one.

And the move is... wait. What the hell?

Parenteau is a character and a guy who makes things happen on the ice. I'm still not sure where he'll play, but maybe there are some future moves that could open up a spot for him. I doubt he signed to sit in the press box for three quarters of the season, Steve Bernier-style.

But there's plenty of time to figure that out. Until then...