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Islanders News: From the desk of Jon Ledecky; Post-Season Postmortem

All about the Benn-jamins.

You were a damn beast, man.
You were a damn beast, man.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders news

  • Jon Ledecky spoke to media and fans this week and the Islanders still haven't won the Stanley Cup yet so obviously his and Scott Malkin's ownership regime is a giant failure*. Move along, everyone. [Ledecky loves Tavares | Newsday quotes from his town hall meeting | Islanders | Pictures! | IPB on "restoring greatness" | Brooklyn Daily Eagle | NY Times]
  • The Point Blank podcast talks to Arthur Staple about whether or not the Islanders are a better team today than they were before July 1.
  • An incredibly detailed dissection of the "weird" playoff series between the Islanders and Panthers by Corey "@ShutdownLine" Sznajder. There are some surprising performances in there. [The Energy Line]
  • MSG has yet to name its Howie Rose replacement, but has a list in mind. [Newsday]
  • Could Ryan Strome be the target of a rival offer sheet? Sure. [Eyes on Isles]
  • Brock Nelson is part of a NHL star-studded rec league that forms during the summers in Minnesota. [SW News]
  • By the way, want someone to root for at the Rio Olympics? How about Katie Ledecky, Jon's niece, who also happens to be one of the world's best swimmers. [Newsday]

Other stuff

  • Last night, the Stars signed captain Jamie Benn to a huuuuuuge contract extension that he has earned every penny of. Expect John Tavares' next contract to look similar to this one. [DBD]
  • A statistical look at Matt Martin for concerned Leafs fans. [NHL Numbers]
  • Eric Staal on his disappointing season and moving on in Minnesota. [Puck Daddy]
  • The P.K. Subban-Shea Weber trade will never not be fascinating, and it appears to have involved a rift in the Canadiens' statistical analysis department. [Sportsnet details | The Habs' now-former stats person speaks]
  • The KHL could be expanding to London and actual Englishman Paul from Stanley Cup of Chowder talks about the impact of such a move.
  • Just like you, Penguins goalie Jeff Zatkoff took a short loved-one to a water park this summer. In his case, it was the Stanley Cup. [Puck Daddy]


* - This is sarcasm. That's still allowed, right?