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Islanders News: Las McPhee, Coach Carkner, Mayfield be with You

I am very honored to be able to lead the Team To Be Named Later.

Time, she does fly. ("Mayfield" and Okposo, the photo stream claims)
Time, she does fly. ("Mayfield" and Okposo, the photo stream claims)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Today, GMGM is expected to rise again. However, this thread is for daily Martin-Chimera-other debate v. 12.1.

Islanders Reads

  • Scott Mayfield was signed to a two-year contract extension. It's a one-way deal, and it's a bit cheaper than the contract Brian Strait just completed. [LHH | Isles]
  • Matt Carkner talks about the back injury that returned, making him retire as a player and join the Bridgeport coaching ranks. [Connecticut Post]
  • George McPhee is expected to be named GM of the expansion franchise in Las Vegas today. [LHH]
  • As a refresher, here were the other names often mentioned along with McPhee as likely candidates for the job. [Puck Daddy, a week ago]
  • A survey of 200 or so to rank confidence in management in all 30 teams. Isles are middle of the pack. Somehow Buffalo, Winnipeg and Arizona (which just changed management) are in the top 10. [THN]
  • Thomas Hickey's big playoff hit makes him a great specimen for the NHL 17 trailer. [Eyes on Isles]

Other Islands

  • A takedown of Marc Bergevin talking about bringing the Chicago "culture" to Montreal, and putting too much emphasis ont hat. Which, granted, culture is a real thing and there's a place for it, but...Andrew Shaw is your key then? [TSN - Cullen]
  • Shane Doan is back for another year with the Jets/Coyotes franchise, continuing his search to get a hat trick against a team that's not the Isles. [Coyotes | FFH]
  • The Rangers probably waited too long to dump contracts. Hallelujah. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Mike Yeo is learning new surroundings as the coach-in-waiting in St. Louis. [NHL]
  • Still feeling burned by the Taylor Hall trade. [C&B]
  • An adorable story about Cam Ward's son, who was born deaf. [Players' Tribune]
  • Like, dude, come on, we can talk fancy stats and old school stuff and get along fine. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Lots of talk about the defense in Edmonton, but goaltending may be as big an issue. [C&B]
  • B.J. Crombeen with some good advice for young players to think about life after hockey. [Players' Tribune]