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Islanders News: Okposo farewell, Ho-Sang hype, league gossipry

Everyone is important and good in the room.

"Hey, I'm kind of important here too."
"Hey, I'm kind of important here too."
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning. Pokemon doesn't go here.

Tuesday Islanders Reads

  • Kyle Okposo said goodbye to fans via the Players' Tribune. We discussed various parts and relived the playoff moment(s) he referred to. [LHH]
  • Joshua Ho-Sang is ready to respond, rebound, etc. [NHL]
  • But apparently he needs to make the roster? [Today's Slap Shot]
  • The Wings coach says Frans Nielsen is "real important." Which he should be, since they're paying him real money. [NHL]
  • Next season should not be a repeat of the last time the Islanders followed up a playoff series win, back in (YEAR REDACTED FOR NOT HAPPENING) [THW]
  • I love that Garth Snow saying they'd open contract extension talks with John Tavares next summer -- the earliest point they could and the time where every team does with its star -- made news. [Sportsnet]


  • Marc Bergevin said a lot of things about the P.K. Subban trade and the hate-to-lose culture he's hoping to put in the room. [NHL interview | HEOTP analysis]
  • By the way, his no-trade clause died with the, um, trade. [Vice Sports]
  • If you interviewed for the Vegas GM job you got to visit the owner's Montana ranch. There are two final candidates and they expect to name one soon. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Bruins hope David Backes is their savior. [NHL]
  • The Ducks hope The Second Coming of Randy Carlyle does the trick. [NHL]
  • Arbitration dates are set! Will any player actually make it to a hearing? [Puck Daddy]

Not Hockey, But: Chris Berman is still Chris Berman: the loud guy at the party who thinks he's funny. [@erskinetimes]