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New Islanders Ownership Statement Supports Snow, Capuano

Ledecky and Malkin take over the studio.

Let's do this!
Let's do this!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

New York Islanders owners Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin officially took over majority ownership of the club today. July 1 also happens to be the day fans and teams are focused on the movement of unrestricted free agents, so the owners issued a brief statement acknowledging the transition, the fans, and their support for the current hockey operations:

It is a privilege to become the majority owners of the New York Islanders Hockey Club, and we thank Charles Wang, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and our fellow National Hockey League owners for their support in making this possible.

We are grateful for this opportunity to build upon the Islanders' rich history, which includes four consecutive Stanley Cup Championships. We also look forward to working with a superb team on behalf of the incredibly passionate Islanders fans.

Garth Snow and Jack Capuano, who led the Isles to an exciting playoff run in 2016, have our full confidence. We commit ourselves to doing what it takes to bring our fans and the team a fifth Stanley Cup, and eagerly await the home opener at Barclays Center on October 16th.

-Jon Ledecky on behalf of New York Islanders ownership

You may now commence immense aggravation at the kind of benign statement that is standard practice across all of sports and business!