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Islanders News: Rookie Camp/Scrimmage, Kulemin kill, offseason game plan

We camp, we count, we mock, we kill.

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Had himself a playoff, in many facets.
Had himself a playoff, in many facets.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

I think the Stanley Cup final continues tonight. Maybe even ends. Pittsburgh would really like to clinch at home, if only to avoid the long flight and do it with proper looking jerseys.

Islanders Reads

  • The Islanders announced details for their public rookie scrimmage and skills competition during prospect camp later this month. Squeeze that in between your draft dabbling and your free agent frenzy. [LHH]
  • The latest entrant on our Top 25 Under 25 countdown is...another goalie! [LHH]
  • Scott Cullen's "Off-Season Game Plan" is always a good overview, and his latest looked at the Islanders (though the issues raised, you're likely already familiar) [TSN]
  • Dimitri Filipovic looks at which D-men transitioned through the neutral zone best in the playoffs, and guess which Islanders looked good and bad? (Click on the chart for names.) [Sportsnet]
  • Dan dug into Nikolay Kulemin's season and the report card is: There's more to the game than PK, son. [LHH]

Speaking of Kulemin, apparently yesterday was Best Friends Day.

Beyond Brooklyn

  • SB Nation Hockey's mock draft involving each team blog kicked off yesterday. The top pick was no surprise, Auston Matthews going to the Leafs [PPP], Patrik Laine going to the Jets at #2 [AIH] and Jesse Puljujarvi-not-gonna-work-here to Columbus at #3. [Cannon]
  • Craig Button agrees on Matthews at No. 1. [TSN]
  • James Mirtle with yet more truth on Phil Kessel's performance today and yesteryear. [Globe and Mail]
  • Meet Brazil's hockey team. The skating thing is still a work in progress. [WSJ]
  • Sounds like Hockey's Future's editorial content -- not the forums -- is closing. [HF Boards]