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Islanders News: Kids' allowance; UFA rights for sale; NHL 17 gets World Cup, ECHL teams

Make mine medium rare, Jeeves.

In a few weeks, Prince will probably be able to afford a few new suits.
In a few weeks, Prince will probably be able to afford a few new suits.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders linkage

  • Dom breaks down how RFA qualifying offers work and why that player is probably getting a raise. [LHH]
  • BU defenseman Doyle Somerby is a big boy and, according to Chris McNally, may currently be employing a butler. [LHH]
  • Behind the scenes of how a UFA's rights get traded for draft picks, starring the New York Islanders and Jaroslav Halak. [Sportsnet]
  • The Islanders are running a Fathers Day ticket promotion that will also net you a barbecue spatula with the team's logo on it, perfect for burgers and steaks that are bursting with blue-and-orange pride.
  • A gallery from the recent season ticket holder skate at Barclays Center. [Islanders]

Other reading materials

  • A list of very relevant NHL dates for things you're now going to start obsessing over. [TSS]
  • So far, the Cup finals haven't really been close. [] | Kris Letang is making Justin Schultz look good. They must have not had any Letangs in Edmonton. [Pensburgh]
  • Scott Stevens joins Bruce Boudreau's staff in Minnesota. [Wild] | And former Islanders assistant Scott Allen brings his wicked hahd Bahstan accent to the Panthers. [Panthers]
  • Greg Sherman was once the Avalanche's GM, then he was a figurehead and now he's gone. [MHH]
  • Kerry Fraser cops to missing that highsticking call on Wayne Gretzky in the 1993 playoffs that has been keeping Leafs fans awake for 23 years. [PPP]
  • The Maple Leafs could be a big player this summer. [PPP]
  • Chicago is, once again, looking to dump Bryan Bickell's massive contract and it might force them to part with a talented young forward. Bickell is just one of a few anchors weighting the Blackhawks' cap down. [SCH]
  • A bunch of big shots sat in a New York City office yesterday and discussed expansion. Here's the relevant info from Sportsnet.
  • Slapshots has learned that Slapshots was wrong about all that expansion draft stuff from a few days ago.
  • The owners of the new Springfield AHL team vows to stay put for a while. [Mass Live]
  • Signing Milan Lucic makes sense for the Oilers because it might help the rest of the line-up shake out as it should. [C&B]
  • One does not simply adopt the Edmonton Oilers as a team. There are certain things one must be aware of. [C&B]
  • The feature list for EA Sports NHL 17 is out and it includes the World Cup and ECHL teams. [Operation Sports | Play as the Missouri Mavericks]