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Islanders News: NHL explodes into insanity, Isles prospects scrimmage, Ho-Sang reflects

"I wake up every morning a little scared." Who said it? Josh Ho-Sang, or the guys on the Islanders Anxiety podcast?

Well this is awkward.
Well this is awkward.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Everything was quiet Wednesday afternoon and then boom. Boom. BOOM. In 23 minutes.

It sounds like the Islanders never could have gotten P.K. Subban, based on the Canadiens' ask from other teams. Believing in what's left of Shea Weber over what's left of Subban is like believing in unicorns, but Hockey Canada and Marc Bergevin are among the faithful. We have to accept that this is simply The Way: Just because an NHL GM makes a dumb move with one team doesn't mean he'll make it with another team. The Isles don't have a Legend of Weber to offer, nor could they afford the combo the Habs apparently sought from others while Bergevin was "never shopping" one of the top three defensemen in the NHL.

Taylor Hall, however...that maybe could've happened if the Islanders would tempt karma and part with Travis Hamonic plus. Kevin Shattenkirk wasn't enough (because he's a year away from UFA) but Adam Larsson (and probably Hamonic and change) was. Digest that every time you see Hall streak down the wing for the Devils next season.

Also: Enjoy the interesting trivia that the first six picks from the 2010 (Nino) draft have been traded.

The "character" bashing of the two best players dealt yesterday has already begun in Edmonton and Montreal, while the Isles held on to their character. So there's that.

Islanders Reads

  • The league moves of yesterday affect the Isles' plans, as Steven Stamkos and Hall are now off the market. [Newsday | Post]
  • In case you didn't catch it above, the Isles' unwillingness to part with Hamonic basically made a Hall acquisition a non-starter. [LHH]
  • Before all hell broke loose (and it will break loose again this week, we imagine), Dan and Leboff recorded an Islanders Anxiety about all the free agent anxieties. Thanks for listening and reviewing/rating. [LHH]
  • Meanwhile, the Isles prospects scrimmaged. Here's what we know. [LHH]
  • And Matt Martin is prepared for departure, but talked a whole lot about developing as a player and holding the door open to the Islanders. [NHL]
  • Joshua Ho-Sang is a new man: "In a lot of ways I’m very grateful that I got sent back because I learned a lot and I changed a lot of my lesser habits." [LHH | News12 video | Puck Daddy]
  • Seems fitting that on that day ex-Isles Gang of Four member Paul Greenwood had his sentence reduced. [Newsday | Seattle PI]

A little more from the Islanders' three-game, 4-on-4 prospect scrimmage(s):

NHL Explosion

  • Habs fans, not so psyched about parting with Subban. [HEOTP | On the bright side though]
  • Oilers fans, not so psyched about parting with Hall. [C&B initial reaction | C&B fury reaction]
  • Preds fans (and Subban), digging the deal. [OTF]
  • Devils fans, happy but realizing there are still major holes. [AATJ]
  • Wait, that's not right: There's an HF Boards thread defending the deal because they'll sign Lucic. [HF Boards]
  • Seriously though, these were bad trades. Bad. [SB Nation]
  • In one more bit of craziness, if Weber retires early the cap recapture penalty could wreak absolute havoc on the Predators thanks to the Flyers doing that thing that everyone says is never done (RFA offer sheet) which kind of proves why no one ever does it. [SCOC]
  • On that note, Boston's two biggest rumor/gossip/B.S. hounds said the Bruins would make an offer sheet for Jacob Trouba that is damn near impossible. [SCOC]
  • The Blue Jackets agreed to terms with Seth Jones on a big extension. [Cannon]
  • They also bought out Fedor Tyutin. [Cannon]
  • This list of the worst free agent signings of the last 20 years makes lots of fun of the Rangers so it's a good list. [Down Goes Brown at THN]
  • Warning: Overpaying old free agents is dangerous. [The Score]
  • Speaking of which, the Predators are buying out Son of Nystrom. [OTF]
  • A Jamaican sports bar has a shrine to Phil Kessel, naturally. [Score]
  • Newsflash! Agent doesn't like free agency interview period. [Brandon Sun]
  • Penn State will host a Sabres-Wild preseason game. [PU Sports]