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Joshua Ho-Sang Reflects on 2015 Cut: 'Every time I wake up in the morning a little scared'

Back in my day, we had an alarm clock.

Can you tell us about that one time?
Can you tell us about that one time?
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Joshua Ho-Sang has always said the proverbial "right things" about his tardy appearance and subsequent swift cut from New York Islanders training camp in 2015. Now with 2016 prospect mini-camp underway, he didn't shy away from questions about it, and in fact directed the conversation that way in a media scrum.

Via video from News 12, Ho-Sang said the experience has made him a better professional:

"In a lot of ways I'm very grateful that I got sent back because I learned a lot and I changed a lot of my lesser habits that other people may not be aware of, but things that I'm really happy that I changed. I feel like more of a professional now than I've ever been."

He also joked about the lingering effects of his jarring oversleeping followed by cut last fall:

"Every time, I wake up in the morning a little scared, right? That's the way it is."

Ho-Sang had a big season and playoffs back in OHL Windsor, so there was no pouting on that front. The next challenge and tier to face will be life with Bridgeport of the AHL, where he the cerebral and worldly Ho-Sang is sure to face minor-league taunts (including, one would bet, the occasional dose of implied if not overt racism) and nights on the bus where the question of "Why, this? On this planet?" rises to the front of the cortex.

For a kid who wants to use his hockey talents -- and the income that could come with it -- to make a difference in the world's neediest communities (which he already does) AHL life will be another chapter in the journey to reach that goal.

It starts in the fall (after serious training this summer, of course). For now, he sounds in the right state of mind.

See the full video from News 12, plus another take at Puck Daddy.