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Islanders News: Drafting the future while the present stays cloudy

And now, the frenzy begins.

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So many weekend connections.
So many weekend connections.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The draft is over. The chaos has only just begun.

Islanders at the Draft

The Islanders made a couple of TRADES! They just involved moving and adding an extra pick in the fourth round of the draft though. Sorry. Dan had all the details from the past two days of draft watching while I drove across country with two young kids. (Who got the short straw there? Toss up.)

  • A second-day overview (a distant relative to Boychuk and the Hawks' HOF coach!), with all the picks plus the non-trades and that "best unknown" Russian Anatoli Goylshev. [LHH | Isles | Newsday with that, several suitors for Kyle Okposo, plus the next focus: UFAs]
  • NEW: Cyrgalis recaps the draft, but also reports that talks with Frans Nielsen are, "seemingly getting closer to reaching an extension agreement."
  • Some local coverage of 7th-round pick Nick Pastujov [Bradenton] who was one of a bunch of picks with Michigan ties [Freep]
  • His parents have an awesome circus-level story. [Times]
  • You're the best, Bellows." Someone had to do the Bellows-Trottier video angle for their headline so of course it was the Post. [Post]
  • NEW: Meanwhile, Bellows the Younger talks about his time with the Sioux Falls Stampede of the USHL. [KDLT]
  • Johnny Boychuk's contract is long enough for this to come true. [Twitter]
  • And now, time for Isles Hit of the Year. [Isles]
  • George McPhee got a little teary-eyed when his son was picked by the Oilers -- because it's cool, I mean, not because that has been a hell hole for prospects. [USA Today]

The Rest of the Chaos

  • Now that the draft is ove--WHERE IS STAMKOS GOING TUEN IN TOMARRA. [LeBrun rumblings include lots of UFAs around the league (but no Islanders nor Islanders in the chase, sorry)]
  • Great read: The NHL draft is unique and fairly insane. [SI]
  • The Leafs made another move, dealing one of the Kessel trade pieces (Scott Harrington) to Columbus. [PPP]
  • The Leafs' second-day draft strategy: "Looks dumb from the outside." [PPP]
  • Brian Burke would like Doug Wilson to stop calling him now. [Fear The Fin]
  • Marc Bergevin would like Jim Benning to stop spouting off about his players on the radio. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The Blues dealt good goalie Brian Elliott to Calgary so now for a backup they'll count on...Anders Nilsson? [STL Game Time]
  • The Penguins dealt Beau Bennett. He'll still get his day with the Cup, while a Devil. [AATJ]
  • There was another Pilon selected, this one to the Capitals. [Japers']
  • Colorado Avalanche Hall of Famer and one-time Bruin Ray Bourque had a DWI. [Globe]
  • You may now buy the Amityville Horror Hourse. [Mental Floss]