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Zeek and Destroy: Islanders sign Casey Cizikas to five-year, $16.75 million contract extension

A big commitment for their fourth line center.

Hey, uh, good for you, dude.
Hey, uh, good for you, dude.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Islanders announced this afternoon that they've agreed to terms with Casey Cizikas on a five-year contract extension. Although the team didn't say, Arthur Staple of Newsday has the full parameters.

I'm gonna come right out and say what a lot of people are also probably thinking: Cizikas is a nice player, who's played his role on the fourth line very well over the last couple of seasons. This past season might have been his best as a pro, setting a career high in points (8g-21a-29p) and getting huge minutes in big spots.

But unless he's been developing a laser-guided wrist shot in secret or plans on gunning for the Selke Trophy, that is a lot of years and lot of dough for a guy whose best work is as a bottom sixer and who has never topped 50% CF in any season.

Especially in a summer in which the Islanders have a lot of places where they can spend their money (UFAs Kyle Okposo and Frans Nielsen come to mind first), giving $3.3 million a season to a role player (even a pretty good one), is risky business. This is essentially the same deal they gave Josh Bailey back in 2013, but the difference is they had a ton of cap space back then and Bailey was seen as more of a frontline forward.

Hey, maybe Cizikas blossoms into a consistent scorer or a shutdown defensive center. Stranger things have happened to guys after they turn 25. Right? Please say yes.

At least we know Don Cherry is happy, even if he can't pronounce "Cizikas."


Staple adds more insight into where the Islanders were coming from. Buying the UFA years was a big deal, as was a potential arbitration hearing.