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Islanders News: Frans Nielsen fright, Pavel Datsyuk departure, Matt Martin mastery

A final honor for all of Martin's work, and a good tea leave for the prospects of Frans staying around.

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If they look young it's because this was six(!) years ago.
If they look young it's because this was six(!) years ago.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A happy Frans Father's Day to all of you fathers of Franses out there.

Islanders Reads

  • In his latest story with Newsday -- much of it on draft day plans plus analysis of Garth Snow's typical guarded answers from his interview on Sirius the previous day -- Arthur Staple reported positive news on the Frans Nielsen front: recent discussions of a long-term deal, with Staple's tweet calling the sides "considerably closer" in the last few days. [Newsday]
  • Here's to hoping, because Bossy knows life without Frans next season would create a major hole. [LHH]
  • It looks like Matt Martin won't be an Islander much longer, but he's a finalist for the NHL Foundation Award thanks to all his awesome community work. [NHL]
  • Moving along in the Top 25 Under 25, two guys who were neck-and-neck in our voting for completely different reasons: Promising prospect Anthony Beauvillier (7th) and active roster forward Shane Prince (6th). [LHH]
  • Alternative SB Nation mock draft, via Die by the Blade: check this FanPost and vote as you like. (Our SBN mock selection, Jake Bean, is already off the table.)

Beyond Panicdome

  • Sami Vatanen signed a four-year extension in Anaheim. Key signing. [Anaheim Calling]
  • He's a little older and not as good (and he's a different kind of player), but just like Kyle Okposo, David Backes appears headed to free agency. (Troy Brouwer too. Interesting to see runner-up types not afford the status quo.) [NHL]
  • Pavel Datsyuk is definitely ::cough:: "retiring" er, leaving his contract to take KHL money instead, and Ken Holland isn't too optimistic he'll be able to move the over-35 deal via trade because everyone is demanding top picks or prospects to carry that $7.5 million dead weight. (No, the Isles can't and shouldn't.) Interesting comments too about when the deal was signed. [Puck Daddy | WIIM]
  • In absolutely awesome news, the Coyotes' affiliate will indeed be named the Tucson Roadrunners, with a logo that also honors that name from Arizona hockey's past. [Coyotes]
  • This is titled as a(nother) rip on Steve Simmons, but it's actually an interesting exploration into the factors that have lowered scoring in the NHL and the myriad obstacles in changing it. [PPP]