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Islanders News: Revisiting Barzal/Reinhart; Okposo to market; Scouting tips; Vegas, baby

Do you own rubber gloves?

All indications...
All indications...
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's a Wednesday and there are no games scheduled. Bummer.

Things That Can Be Related to the Islanders

  • Neither surprising nor hardly "new," but Pat Brisson and Garth Snow talked again recently and "all indications" are that Kyle Okposo is hitting free agency. Further, lots of agents say teams are holding for the final cap number. [ESPN - LeBrun]
  • Point Blank asks, "How far are the Isles from a Cup?" [SNY]
  • "Quiiiiiine, activate the (#11) reactor." [LHH 25U25]
  • Griffin Reinhart didn't have a bad season necessarily, but the season he did have further indicates that trade was the worst move Peter Chiarelli has made for the Oilers. [Cult of Hockey]
  • The NHL is expanding to Vegas! What does that mean for us? LHH meetup? [LHH]

Things That Can Be Related to Other Things

  • As we approach the draft and talk about the prospect of prospects, this article on "the four S's" of scouting is the most-read post they've ever had on the McKeen's blog.
  • There was a TRADE in the SBN mock draft yesterday. [SB Nation] Teaser: There just might be another trade in it tomorrow.
  • Randy Carlyle is back with the Ducks. Fans are a bit...frustrated, but the Ducks are excited and stuff. [OC Register]
  • File this under: Foretold The Moment The Ink Dried (three years ago). Dustin Brown's contract is a major concern for the Kings. [TSN]
  • Brown and ol' Thomas Vanek are among the candidates for buyouts. [Puck Daddy | THN]
  • In contrast, P.K. Subban is into Montreal for the long haul. [Gazette]
  • I mean of course there is a Jagr Lager. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • There's a giant hockey stick at the Bruins' new practice rink and it's not CHara's. [Boston Globe]
  • Perhaps you give an Avery about what Colin Cowherd says about soccer (a sport his network happens to be covering right this moment) vs. hockey and what Greg Wyshynski says in response. (They're my two favorite sports and I couldn't care less. Frankly, I prefer to have mainstream blowhard generalists waste their hot takes on other sports.) [Puck Daddy]