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Islanders Tea Leaves: The first offseason Twitter Q&A with Arthur Staple

The calm before many, many storms.

This was fun.
This was fun.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Contrary to what the calendar says, there is no NHL offseason. No one knows that better than Newsday Islanders beatwriter Arthur Staple, who shunned congratulating the Penguins on their Stanley Cup victory and held a question and answer session with fans on Twitter this afternoon. The Islanders have a very busy month ahead of them including a buy out period and entry draft before free agency begins.

Let's get right into it with some choice responses. The full convos can be read here and here. As always we thank Art for his time and wish him luck on what will probably be a crazy month.

Buy Outs? (or, uh, Buy Out?)

"Prepping for the expansion draft" has become the new "Clearing cap space for a big move."

*   *   *

Draft Dealing

In each of the last two year's, Garth Snow has made some bold moves on draft day. Could this year be another, with the 19th overall pick being used as a trade chip for immediate help? Maybe.

Just don't expect Travis Hamonic to be included. Between his play, his bargain contract and his clear loyalty to the franchise, moving Hamonic now would be a bad, bad look.

*   *   *

UFA Outlook

If you thought the Islanders might be in on Alex Radulov, who at last check apparently wanted upwards of $7 million per season to come back from Russia, you're dreaming.

*   *   *


Looks like the "It's pronounced Churchman" era has ended. Go in peace.

*   *   *