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Islanders News: Isles cap chatter; Pens Cup takes; Sundstrom trade talk

A new champion has been crowned. Sigh.

"Lemme come back!"
"Lemme come back!"
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning. Officially now, the season's over. Here come the shakeups.

  • After basically standing pat last summer, the Isles face a pivotal summer for navigating free agents and the cap to keep moving forward. [NHL Numbers]
  • Next up on our Top 25 Under 25 is fleet OHL defenseman Mitchell Vande Sompel, [LHH]
  • Johan Sundstrom wants to come back to North America. Quoted in this story (translated by Zeb of Habs Eyes on the Prize): "I know Islanders are open to trade me, but I don't know what other teams are willing to sacrifice [to get me]. It's a complicated process and the 15th of June is around the corner, but it is being worked on"
  • Would you believe the Islanders are among the best early value bets to win the Stanley Cup next season, even at this way too early stage? ESPN does. [E$PN In$ider$ Only]

And There Was That

  • The Penguins won the Stanley Cup, in their ugly road jerseys. I'm sorry.
  • This is how their roster (and coaching staff) came together. [NHL]
  • Reaction from Pensburgh. Crosby won the Conn Smythe.
  • Here are the players skating around with it. Kessel takes it like a Proven Winner. [SB Nation]
  • And here come the baby-in-a-Cup shots. [SB Nation Lookit]
  • There's a pretty damned good reason Crosby handed the Cup to Trevor Daley first, and it has to do with Daley's cancer-stricken mother. [AP]
  • Here's the fantastic in-game tribute to Gordie Howe during Game 6 in San Jose. [Kulkas Korner]
  • A look at the Oilers' improvement in possession numbers (no really, that cost them another lottery victory!) [C&B]