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Islanders vs. Lightning Second Round Playoff Series Recapped by Cats

Who let the cat out?

Who's a silly kitty?
Who's a silly kitty?

The Islanders' season is over following a five-game series victory by the Tampa Bay Lightning. Here is every game in the series recapped in the form of cat pictures. We call them Re-Cats.

Each Re-Cat consists of three parts: the final score, a player of the game (usually for the winning team but not always) and a cat.

The gallery is embedded below or you can click here to visit our Facebook page and view the Re-Cats. If you do visit the page - and I always feel filthy even asking this which is why I only do it twice a year - please give us a completely superficial and ultimately worthless "like."

Okay, fine, I'll explain one last time:

Facebook is still a big driver of web traffic. I have no idea why. Nevertheless, our glorious SBN Mothership occasionally asks its member blogs to not neglect Facebook and post articles and other content to their pages.

So in 2014, I tried to think of a Facebook exclusive thing LHH could create. But the only thing I knew about Facebook through my wife's usage of it was that it has a lot of pictures of kids and cats. So, how could I use this information? Kids...? Er, pass. But cats might be something. The next idea was the Re-Cats. So, here we are.

Thanks to everyone for following the Re-Cats all season and through two rounds of playoffs. Together we hope to see one Spring in which 16 Islanders victories are announced by felines.