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Islanders News: Barzal class, Strome not deterred

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Good thing they didn't touch that Wales trophy.

Thank you, Boston! (And Edmonton.)
Thank you, Boston! (And Edmonton.)
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Happy almost-June! The pre-draft Top 25 Under 25 is upon us, as are more report cards. But first...

Islanders Reads

  • There's nothing happening, so I collected several versions of Ryan Strome's thoughts after being scratched in the playoffs. He's not going Nino on the team, okay? [LHH]
  • With two Seattle Thunderbirds alumni in the Stanley Cup final (Patrick Marleau and Brenden Dillon), their longtime GM expects Mathew Barzal will follow in their footsteps, as he's a "world class" player. [King5]

Begun, the Triangle Final Has

  • The Penguins blitzed the Sharks in the first period and led 2-0. The Sharks tied it up, setting the stage for the Pens to win on a late goal. [SB Nation] Three things from Game 1. [SB Nation]
  • Patrick Marleau sent Bryan Rust to the dressing room with a high hit. Discipline to come? [SB Nation]
  • Penguins fans had fun with Pierre McGuire and Mike Sullivan masks. If only viewers could have fun watching McGuire. (Oh, rimshot!) [Puck Daddy]
  • Phill Kessel has fun and is funny. [Puck Daddy]
  • Gary Bettman gave his annual Finals even state of the league address. Expansion process will be decided in June? (One update: doesn't look like teams will have to expose a minimum amount of salary in an expansion draft.) [NHL] Olympic participation will be decided never? [NHL]
  • Further down, goaltending was a difference in the Toronto Mercenary-arlies' AHL playoff exit. [PPP]
  • Sad news, former Blackhawk Tom Lysiak succumbed to leukemia at age 63. [SCH]
  • NOT HOCKEY BUT SUMMER: Watch a motorcycle explode mid-race, enjoy British commentary. [SB Nation Lookit]