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Islanders News: Memorial Day; Barzal blitz; Stanley Cup Final begins

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Aquatic predator > Flightless fowl.

Hey, I need more beard over here!
Hey, I need more beard over here!
Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Happy Memorial Day. Please take the time to remember the fallen veterans today.

Links of various stripes

  • Mathew Barzal took part in a few momentous moments for the Seattle Thunderbirds this season. Here's Nos. 6-10. [My Northwest]
  • Hahn & Humpty discuss players missing curfews, and Alan tells a funny story about Al Arbour catching his players red-handed. [ESPN Audio]
  • The Stanley Cup Final begins tonight at 8pm on NBC. Not that we need any prodding, but Fear the Fin thinks you should root for the Sharks. Pensburgh learned a lot about the Penguins during the playoffs. But the real star of the series is already Joe Thornton's magnificent facial thicket. [Sporting News]
  • In other finals news, the Hershey Bears and Lake Erie Monsters will play for the AHL's Calder Cup.
  • And the London Knights are your 2016 Memorial Cup champions. PPP rejoices for Leafs uber prospect Mitch Marner.
  • In  Los Angeles, it looks like the Dustin Brown captaincy administration might be getting voted out of office. [LA Times]
  • Max Talbot will continue his turtling ways in Russia. If you've ever wanted him sentenced to Siberia, this is the closest you'll get. [SCOC]