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Islanders News: Stamkos dreams, Greiss-Halak tandem reunites for World Cup

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Hey, summer is for dreaming, right?

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Look I'm just saying you'd look good...
Look I'm just saying you'd look good...
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

And now we have the Stanley Cup finals (well, Monday we do), which signifies the beginning of long, painful gaps between games.

Islanders(ish) Reads

  • Thomas Greiss was the latest (and last?) Islander to be named to a World Cup roster, joining Team Second-Hand Europe. [LHH]
  • Could the Islanders fit Steven Stamkos in? Dan breaks down the numbers. [LHH]
  • Stamkos and the Lightning continue to say all the right things about wanting to stay together despite not agreeing to actually do so. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • While we're dreaming, here's how each NHL team can trade for P.K. Subban (who also isn't on a World Cup roster, mind you). [Sporting News]
  • OHL Niagara's coach was pretty shocked to be fired. I'm sure you can blame Joshua Ho-Sang somehow. [St. Catherine's Standard]

Other Stuff, I Suppose

  • Palace coup! Sounds like Dustin Brown is losing the captaincy in L.A., in favor of the far more important Anze Kopitar. [LA Times]
  • All your phantom, third-world-bound merchandise for the teams that didn't win the championship, no matter what the t-shirts say. [Sports Logos]
  • For the 25-year-old Sharks, it's been a long road to their first Cup final. [Globe & Mail]
  • For the wasn't a bad year. [STL Game Time]
  • The five themes Peter Chiarelli has repeated over and over and over...[Edmonton Journal]
  • Don Sweeney Jim Benning is all "screw analytics," he's grabbing Gudbranson anyway. [Province]