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Islanders News: Exhibition extravaganza; For the troops; Penguins prevail

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Extinguish the hot takes for a while.

Guys, calm down. It's just the preseason.
Guys, calm down. It's just the preseason.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday and an early Happy Memorial Day. Hope the boss lets you out early. Or, if you are the boss, that you let your people go. Barbecues need cleaning.

Islanders links

  • The preseason schedule is out and it's an appetizer for the Metro battles to come. [Islanders | LHH | The Post is happy to see the return of Islanders-Rangers preseason bloodbaths]
  • The team welcomes the troops to NYC Fleet Week with schwag and shirts. [Islanders]
  • IPB talks with Rich Bocchini, a former Sound Tigers announcer and wrestling broadcaster.
  • Gold medalist Angela Ruggiero talks about the Girls Ice Hockey Day recently hosted by the team and with a giant X-Men-hunting Islanders Sentinel looming behind her.

Other readings

  • The Penguins are going to the Stanley Cup final after beating the Lightning 2-1 in Game 7 last night. Naturally, one of Pittsburgh's superstars was the difference: Bryan Rust scored both goals. [SBN]
  • Here's your Stanley Cup final schedule. A few big gaps in there just to drag the whole thing out and torture you. []
  • Steven Stamkos was in the lineup last night, but couldn't pull off the Willis Reed Special. Should he or whichever team signs him this summer be worried about his longterm health? [ - it's a few days old but still good.]
  • Tough guy David Backes shed some tears over his team's painful ouster. [ESPN |]
  • The Sharks celebrated winning the Western Conference by trading prospect Dylan Sadowy to Detroit for a pick. [FTF]
  • Brooksie laments what the Rangers will or will not look like as early as next season.
  • More on that Canucks-Panthers trade that seems really bad for Vancouver on a few levels. [ Behind-the-Scenes | TSN analyzes | Sportsnet]
  • It's me. Tom. Tom Nilsson! Remember me? I was part of the Michael Grabner trade and Islanders property for about five minutes. I'm with Vancouver now. [Canucks]
  • Long, long time Senators defenseman Chris Phillips, whom you may have thought retired years ago, has actually retired. [SSS]