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NHL Draft 2016: New York Islanders Picks

It's almost time to argue about which teenager Garth must absolutely move earth and pick to draft.

We've got a pick there!
We've got a pick there!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You either love talking about the NHL draft, love reading/hearing others talk about it, or see it as a tired departure in the annual calendar between the playoffs (Disappointment Season II) and the start of free agency (Disappointment Season III).

But it always gets plenty of attention and speculation around here -- and Garth Snow is often in the mood to shuffle picks around -- so we might as well formally get the season started.

Here's what the Islanders currently have for June's draft, which is always subject to change, as last summer's "ignore the first day, we don't have any early picks anyw--OH MY GOD Mathe Barzal and Anthony Beauvillier!" proved:

  • 1st Round: 19th
  • 2nd Round: None. (Johnny Boychuk trade)
  • 3rd Round: None. (Own pick dealt in Michal Neuvirth trade; Pick acquired for Andrey Pedan dealt in Shane Prince trade.)
  • 4th: 110th (Note: The number bumps here because Arizona has a compensatory pick at 53rd overall for not signing 2014 first-rounder Conner Bleackley)
  • 5th Round: None. (Shuffled in 2015 swap of 5ths with Florida.)
  • 6th: 170th
  • 7th: 193nd (from Ottawa in Shane Prince trade), 200th (own pick)

Could There Be More?

Yes. Of course. Or even less.

With the Islanders having a few unrestricted free agents (Kyle Okposo, Frans Nielsen), there's the possibility of getting another early middle-round pick if someone wants to cough that up for the right to negotiate with them early -- though that is less likely now that the league allows some early negotiation prior to July 1.

Furthermore, as the Isles look to change their mix, they might deal with some signed roster players (Jaroslav Halak?) in exchange for picks.

Whom are We Picking?

Alright, speculate away. This is your time to start spending the monopoly money on the prospects or fantastical trade scenarios you know will make a difference for the Isles.

Who do you want at 19 overall? Et cetera.

For reference, some draft rankings to give you an idea of who should be available when the Isles pick 19th...if that's where they remainH: