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2016 IIHF World Championships: The Greiss Express finally stops; Brock the Nation

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Go home, dude. You've earned it.

Russia v Germany - 2016 IIHF World Championship Ice Hockey: Quarter Final
One of many saves on the day
Photo by Anna Sergeeva/Getty Images

Thomas Greiss' revelatory season finally came to an end at the IIHF World Championships on Wednesday, unless he finds another team to loan his steady catching glove to in the next few days.

Russia beat Germany 4-1 by pumping 37 shots at Greiss, some of the very difficult variety. But don't take my word for it:

Greiss was surely the only reason the hosts didn’t reach double digits. On one power play midway through the second he robbed Alexander Ovechkin with a pad save. Moments later, he whipped the glove out to rob [Pavel] Datsyuk from the other side.

Vadim Shipachyov (who also added an assist) scored twice and Alex Ovechkin scored the fourth and final goal for the host country, who now move on to face Finland in the semifinals.

Germany had been staked to an early 1-0 lead, but Russia just poured it on and even Greiss couldn't hold them back forever.

So after 41 regular season games and 11 playoff games for the Islanders, plus five more games at the World Championships (during many of which he was outstanding or better), Greiss finally gets to go home and enjoy some well-earned rest. There's a chance he could be the Islanders' No. 1 goalie next season and a recovery period is a necessary part of a balanced offseason. But man, this was a ride no one expected. It's gonna be hard for him to believe it's over.

Meanwhile, teammate Brock Nelson and Team USA will move to the semis after a 2-1 shootout win over the Czechs on Wednesday. Auston Matthews had both goals for Uncle Sam, each one making Maple Leafs fans salivate even more about the prospect of drafting him first overall in a month or so. Nelson didn't figure into the scoring.

Next up for the Americans is a semifinals date on Saturday with their old rivals Canada, who thrashed Sweden 6-0 on Wednesday.