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IIHF World Championship 2016: Brock Nelson scores, USA makes quarterfinals with OT loss to Slovakia

Also: Corey Perry is still a piece of Avery! And Esa Tikkanen can still yap.

Trying to get Brock's attention, tell him Corey Perry lurks in the bushes.
Trying to get Brock's attention, tell him Corey Perry lurks in the bushes.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The United States lost their final IIHF World Championship preliminary round game in overtime, 3-2 to Slovakia, but the overtime loss qualified them for the quarterfinals.

And to think, all this time you'd been (mis)calling the regulation point a Bettman Point!

Taking Slovakia to extra time ensured that the U.S. would retain fourth place in Group B, two points ahead of fifth-place Slovakia and setting up a quarterfinal matchup with the Czech Republic, who won Group A.

New York Islanders forward Brock Nelson was one of the U.S. goal scorers -- he also had a tripping penalty, but Slovakia went 0 for 5 on the power play -- bringing his total to two points in three games since joining the team mid-tournament after the Isles were eliminated from the NHL playoffs. That adds to a lofty total so far in his U.S. career, as he had a combined 17 points in 18 games at the World Championships in 2014 and 2015.

With the final quarterfinal spot on the line, the IIHF described the game in dramatic terms:

Tuesday's early game was a cautious, hard-working affair that went down to the wire. These two teams had both underachieved in round-robin play, and there was nervousness in the air at Yubileiny.

Shorly before Slovakia tied it at 2-2, the U.S. had a goal disallowed due to a perceived crease violation. But hanging on for the regulation tie was enough to put the U.S. through. Extra time was just for record-keeping.

All four quarterfinals will be held Thursday. The other pairings are Finland (1) vs. Denmark (4), Canada (2) vs. Sweden (3), and host Russia (2) vs. Germany (3), which finished ahead of the U.S. in Group B with Thomas Greiss in goal for its final three games.

Also: Corey Perry Does Corey Perry Things

The Anaheim Ducks tool-in-chief Corey Perry just can't help himself. Here he is living up to his reputation against Finland's Patrik Laine, a top prospect in the upcoming NHL Draft:

Oh, that Perry! Everything they say about him is...true. The Canadians lost 4-0. But at least Perry, um, sent a message?