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Islanders News: Islander-on-Islander violence; Brooklyn Luck

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At least say you texted each other afterwards.

Big body comin' in hot
Big body comin' in hot
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders reads

  • NHL teammates often find themselves playing against each other at the IIHF World Championships. Thomas Greiss and Brock Nelson took things a step further in Germany's 3-2 win over Team USA on Sunday with a quick crease altercation that netted Greiss two minutes for roughing and Nelson a headache.

  • Greiss made 31 saves for his second consecutive win for the Germans, and Nelson earned an assist on an Auston Matthews goal. But, uh, guys: dial it back a little, will ya. Training camp is four months away. [Islanders | | IIHF recap]
  • Our friend Torgo is running a video game recreation of the Islanders season and you can follow along. [FanPost]
  • Stan Fischler says the Islanders fit the profile as a Brooklyn sports team, running out of luck at the worst time. [Daily Freeman]

Other stuff

  • Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals went to the Blues, who beat the Sharks 2-1. Brian Elliott was spectacular. [SBN]
  • Joe Thornton's body tried to absorb a puck, no doubt to feed his copious beard. [SBN]
  • That beard is so magnificent that David Backes felt the need to grab it during the game. [SBN]
  • A Tampa community is trying to cater to Pittsburgh transplants during the ECF and Lightning fans aren't happy because that's some serious bullshit. [Raw Charge]
  • Litter Box Cats is the latest to profile Tage "Son of Brent" Thompson, who could be a first round pick this year.