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Blame the Jet Lag: Greiss backstops Germany to win over Belarus despite goofy long goal

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Hey, man. It's okay.

Achtung, baby.
Achtung, baby.
Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Thomas Greiss' busy year continues in Russia, where the Islanders' regular playoff goalie (and possible new No. 1 for next season) is playing with the German national team at the IIHF World Championships.

In his first game with his countrymen, Greiss made 16 saves in a 5-2 preliminary round win over Belarus. That's the good news. The bad news is that the second goal scored by Belarus is one Greiss will want to forget about but will live on in highlight reels for a while.

About halfway through the third period, and with Germany comfortably on top 4-1, Belorussian defenseman Yevgeny Lisovets flung the puck down the ice from the top of his own team's face off circle. Teammate Andei Stats touched it as it continued to travel. Greiss calmly went to stop the puck with his stick blade, presumably to play it, and it ended up changing direction and sliding in behind him and into the net.


Greiss worlds germany goal

Stats got credit for it, but it's hard to see him get a stick on it. In any event, it's not a good one for Greiss. Full highlights of the game are here.

Greiss did a ton of good things for the Islanders this season, and he flew halfway across the world to play for his country a day after cleaning out his locker in Syosset, so don't give him too hard a time about this. A goalie plays enough minutes, he'll get burned by one of these eventually.

At least it happened in a 5-2 win in the prelims of an international tournament and not, ya know, at another time (sorry, Dom).