(Poll) favorite new islander? (2nd annual Khaaaaannnny Award) & farewell for now my inferior friends

unfortunately my work (destroying inferior life and ruling pathetic non genetically engineered losers) will take me away from the alpha quadrant for some time so i bid you all a temporary fond adieu

looking back it was a fun season. despite all the angst from islander fans, all the crying, whining, panic, anger... all the calls for trades, all the screams about firing the coach, getting rid of the general manager, the owner, the building... OMG you guys complain a lot... more than me and that's impressive...

despite all that, we still had fun and kicked some federation ass

the new building came alive... we took a few baby steps forward... found some respect around the league

while i'm away battling wits with inferior starship captains who smell like bacon hopefully garth will sign some of our guys and bring in some new sexy minions

next year is gonna be fun... and i'm all about fun. like having a ceti-eel crawl into your enemy's ear, then wrap itself around the cerebral cortex and BAM! you got yourself a nice little slave

or surrounding yourself with headband wearing chicks and hot sweaty dudes as you zip along through the empty vastness of space

and driving one particular starship captain crazy... catching him with his pants down... exposing him for the fool and inferior monkey that he is...(small peen)

and be sure to catch the further adventures of this young arrogant buffoon captain this earth summer... he's sure to make plenty of stupid ass backwards mistakes... earth date july 22 2016

and i will see you all next year... wiser, grayer, buffer and quoting more melville


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