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Breaking News from Break-Out Day: Travis Hamonic rescinds trade request, per Newsday

Take off your coat and stay a while.

Thanks, man
Thanks, man
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Islanders' break-out day was the usual mix of disappointment and proclamations of love for teammates and home fans, until this happened:

full story has appeared in Newsday as well, in which Hamonic elaborated on the request and what made him change his mind:

"When Garth and I spoke last summer, the whole reason why this came about was some serious health concerns for a member of my family back home," Hamonic said. "It was a tough, trying year but I had the support of the whole organization and my teammates the whole year and I couldn't be more thankful for that.

"In the last little while, we've learned the situation has stabilized itself. Just relieved for that, thankful for that, pretty grateful. I love being an Islander, it's my home here, my family loves it, I love my teammates, this organization. Being an Islander is one of the best things I do with my life."

And more:

I mean, this guy:

Hamonic's trade request back to his home for personal reasons was a running story all season long. Not only did it come out of nowhere and involved a player that had not long ago signed a longterm deal to stay with the Islanders, but it put the team in serious jeopardy of losing a valuable contributor on the ice and an important voice in the locker room. His play this season only solidified his standing as one of the Islanders' best and most consistent defensemen.

Hamonic continually shot down questions about the nature of the request, preferring to focus on the team rather than whatever was going on in his personal life. Hamonic has always been vocally dedicated to the franchise that drafted and developed him, including moments after their bitter playoff ouster at the hands of the Lightning on Sunday.

Islanders fans should be happy Hamonic wants to stay with the team. Let's hope that moving away from his personal request means Travis is happy, too.


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