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Islanders News: We somehow found more things to say about John Tavares

Many words about about a man of many talents.

Mr. Majestic
Mr. Majestic
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We have a Game 1. More to come. For now, the Islanders will charter down to Tampa and you can read these (and more to come today).

Islanders readings

  • First, some business: Ryan Pulock was placed on the IR yesterday retroactive to the 20th, meaning he can come off as early as Wednesday. James Wright has been called up in his place. [Isles]
  • So John Tavares scores in double OT on Sunday night and you... finish the story here.
  • Breaking down how the goal was scored, namely which Panthers blew which coverage. [SBN]
  • Hear all of Chris King's OT calls to get back to that moment. [Islanders | And on the man who called them]
  • The fastest and furriest way to remember the entire series is through our Facebook exclusive Re-Cats.
  • Oh, that Captain: Brett Cyrgalis on The LegendJesse Spector on the inevitability of Tavares' heroics. | Peter Botte says he's New York's best | So does Puck Daddy | Rangers writer Andrew Gross on the quietest star in the league. | This is his moment and he knows it. [NYT] | Tavares gives desperate Islanders fans the fix they need [Toronto Sun] | He talks with Joe and Evan on WFAN about not stopping at Round 2.
  • Reflections from around the Islanders blog-o-sphere: Islanders Insight on us, the deserving fans | WFAN's Peter Schwartz on the march of time | on the dark days now in the rearview mirror.
  • Some stats behind Game 6. [Islanders Insight]
  • The official site on the greatness of Greiss.
  • Shannon Hogan blogs about the season and the incredible atmosphere of Game 6.
  • Finally winning a playoff round in his last year as principal owner is a victory for Charles Wang. [Newsday]
  • Oh boy. Mike Lupica has climbed upon his step stool, with the Islanders on his counter top, and is pontificating about this season's team by completely ignoring them and talking about the dynasty with Howie Rose. Thanks for stopping by, Mike. See you in another 10 years. [SoE]
  • And Glen Healy pops in to give his two cents about no longer being the last Islanders goalie to win a playoff round. [Newsday]
  • ESPN has the first Islanders-Lightning preview and they're picking... the Islanders? Hm.
  • The Sound Tigers might be on the brink of elimination, but Stephon Williams has been standing tall. [CT Post]
  • Holy moly! The Ice Dogs are now up 3-0 on Barrie after a 6-3 win last night. Joshua Ho-Sang had a goal and three (3) assists and is now 5-16-21 in 12 playoff games. Niagara can move on to the OHL finals with a win on Wednesday. [St. Cath St.]
  • Remember prospect Johan Sundstrom? He's playing very well in Sweden and has attracted the attention of the Maple Leafs, who can't sign him because technically the Islanders still own his ass. [Leaf Nation]
  • Bob Raissman of the Daily News is maybe the only person on Earth who is fascinated by watching MIke Milbury on television and isn't impressed by Rick DiPietro's work. Does not compute.


  • The Blues put a dagger in the defending champs and reversed a ton of their own old baggage by beating the Blackhawks in Game 7 last night. [St. Louis Game Time | Puck Daddy]
  • And Nashville finally gets to experience the special kind of dread that comes with a Game 7, after the Predators beat the Ducks 3-1 to advance to their first Game 7 in team history. [OTF]
  • On the Panthers: They're much less hung up on one missed call than a lot of other folks [SBN] | Litter Box Cats writes a heartfelt eulogy for their boys. The bad calls went both ways.
  • If you became a fan of the Panthers coaches and players during the series, wait until you get a load of their Spanish announcing team. They're amazing. [Sportsnet]
  • Tavares (and some guy named Jonathan Toews) should be a role model for young studs like Arizona's Dylan Strome. [Howlin' Hockey]
  • Jen LC breaks down how teams looking for better defense can get caught up in a land of confusion.
  • SBN College Hockey profiles Tage Thompson, son of Bridgeport coach Brent. Oh, and look, he's projected to be a late first rounder. Hm.
  • Donald Trump writes for Broad Street Hockey about that totally rigged Flyers-Caps series. He's Sad!

How about some slow-mo playoff goals: