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Islanders vs. Panthers First Round Playoff Series recapped by cats

Good kitty!


For the first time ever, the Lighthouse Hockey Facebook exclusive Re-Cats are going to the second round of the playoffs.

We went over this a few weeks ago. This is the second season in which Lighthouse Hockey has been posting recaps of every Islanders game using cat pictures exclusively at our Facebook page. We call them Re-Cats.

Here is the final gallery of all six cats used during the Islanders playoffs series against the Florida Panthers. Each Re-Cat consists of three parts: the final score, a player of the game (usually for the winning team but not always) and a cat.

The gallery is embedded below or you can click here to visit our Facebook page and view the Re-Cats. If you do visit the page - and I always feel filthy even asking this but - please give us a completely superficial and ultimately worthless "like."

Okay, fine, I'll explain again:

Facebook is still a big driver of web traffic. I have no idea why. Nevertheless, our glorious SBN Mothership occasionally asks its member blogs to not neglect Facebook and post articles and other content to their pages.

So in 2014, I tried to think of a Facebook exclusive thing LHH could create. But the only thing I knew about Facebook through my wife's usage of it was that it has a lot of pictures of kids and cats. So, how could I use this information? Kids...? Er, pass. But cats might be something. The next idea was the Re-Cats. So, here we are.

Thanks to everyone for following the Re-Cats all season and into the playoffs. We're going to see more than the seven felines we saw last season, so we'll keep the cats coming.