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Islanders Fans: Tell Us Your Game 6 Tavares OT Winner Celebration Story

It's not like this happens every year. Er, 23 years.

Now is time on Sprockets when we high five.
Now is time on Sprockets when we high five.
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday night at 31:41 of overtime, John Tavares put to bed one more burden felt by New York Islanders fans and carried by the players who wear the sweater. You know the history: no playoff series wins since 1993, etc. Tavares has been a key part of the Islanders' steady revival, of their return to a playoff team and the face of their new era.

It was way too fitting that Tavares was the one who forced overtime with a last-minute equalizer, and Tavares who clinched the series with another goal 32 minutes later.

For fans, it was elation and catharsis all at once. (Personally, I jumped out of my chair and tried not to wake the baby in my arms for the third overtime winner of the last week.)

We're interested in how you experienced it. Sure, some of you were there, and that looked amazing:

Some of you may have jumped into a stranger's arms:

(Check replies to that tweet for other stories.)

Maybe some of you were on the ice, where you've given heart and soul for this franchise when few believed:

Or you YES!'d running 'round the house, sleeping baby be damned.

So, what were you doing when John Tavares put an endpoint on the drought and all the Gang of Four/Milbury/Spano misery within? How did you celebrate? At the game? At a bar? In your basement where you woke the whole family?

Let us know in comments. Because this is a fun time of year, and this stuff is ultimately why we're here. (At Lighthouse Hockey, I mean. Beyond that is an existential question Frans has not yet revealed.)

P.S., thank you to all the readers and commenters who have shared your experiences and insight with us over the years here. Makes days like this all the more fun.