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Video: John Tavares ties Game 4 with 15 seconds left in 2nd period

There's only one John Tavares.

The New York Islanders were on their heels in Game 4, playing a mostly poor first couple of periods and having finally conceded a goal on the Florida Panthers power play late in the second period. They looked like they were headed to the second intermission down 1-0 without having shown any signs of getting their game together.

Then came a timely power play, a brief five-on-three, and captain John Tavares took the reins.

He called for the puck in the right wing circle with under 20 seconds left in the period. Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo was hugging his post to cut off the inside. But Tavares pulled off a move Islanders fans know well, hitching to his left to pull Luongo off his post just enough for Tavares to beat him inside, and high, to tie the game 1-1.

The Islanders didn't really deserve to be tied after 40 minutes, but just like he's done since his draft day in 2009, their franchise player gave them new life.